Rotating hair straightener BHS1 100

The rotating straightener, BHS 1 100 by Bellissima, allows every woman to have her own style, easily and rapidly with the best care possible.

Product not for sale online in this country.

The new generation automatic rotating straightener: allows every woman to have her own style. The innovative automatic rotating straightener, Bellissima Revolution by IMETEC, allows every woman to have the style she has always dreamt of, so easily and quickly, while fully respecting her hair. Straight, curly, or styled hair? Whatever your hair type is, today you can be certain that the style you wish to achieve is possible in a few simple steps.

Bellissima Revolution is autonomous thanks to the exclusive Automatic Rotating Styling technology, the automatic bidirectional rotation system: simply insert the lock of hair in the straightener and its self-rotating heated cylinder dynamically caresses the hair, styling the lock for a perfect result.

The hair remains soft, silky and protected thanks to the Gloss & Shine Coating and the digital temperature control (10 levels that range from 120°C to 210°C).

The automatic switch-off system, the anti-scalding tip and the protective cover allow the style to be set safely.

The automatic rotating straightener also has an LCD display to view the selected temperature.

  • Automatic Rotating Styling: the rotating straightener with innovative automatic technology
  • Bi-directional: self-rotating cylinder with rotation in two directions to achieve your style in a simple and quick way
  • Styling combs: to gather the hair and keep the lock in place
  • Silicone inserts: to gently keep the lock of hair taut for perfect styling
  • Gloss & Shine Coating: for even heat distribution and maximum protection of your hair
  • Thermo Control: digital temperature control between 120°C and 210°C (10 temperature levels) for maximum care for your hair
  • LCD display
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Protective cover
  • Anti-scalding tip
  • Key lock
  • Closing system
  • Revolving power cord

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