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Hot air brush with ceramic diamond and keratin Cyber Glam®

Hot air brush with ceramic diamond and keratin Cyber Glam®

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Hot air brush with ceramic diamond and keratin Cyber Glam®

Hot air brush with ceramic diamond and keratin Cyber Glam®

5-in-1 hot air styling brush: dries, adds volume and creates different styles with a single movement. Hair is protected and shiny with the ceramic diamond and keratin coating.


Create the limitless styles you've always imagined with the 5-in-1 heated styling brush from the Cyber Glam line.

Simplify your daily hair routine with Bellissima's Dry&Style system, with a single drying tool, that gives your hair volume and helps you create different looks. Straight, soft and voluminous, soft waves with styled ends and even tight and defined curls: it's never been so easy to give your style character!

Start by gently untangling your hair with the Smooth&Delicate heated styling brush. Gently remove any excess water with the 2x6 cm Dry concentrator nozzle. After preparing your hair for styling you are ready to choose your preferred accessory from:

- VOLUME&STRAIGHT the oval brush that gives hair body and volume from root to tip, with rounded tip and nylon bristles to guarantee maximum control when styling.Final look: voluminous, soft and straight hair.
- EXTRA WAVY, the 32 mm round brush with plastic bristles with rounded tips keeps hair taut. Final look: straight and smooth waves with styled ends
- CURLY, 19 mm hair curlers , with holes on the barrel designed to evenly distribute hot air onto the hair. By flipping the hair it remains taut for an easier styling experience. The length of the tool means it works well on both short and long hair. Final look: tight and defined curls.

All three styling accessories are coated with an exclusive ceramic diamond and keratin coating: the ceramic enriched with diamond microparticles and keratin promotes uniform heat distribution, ensures the tool slides through hair seamlessly and results in shiny and rich hair.
Ion technology helps maintain natural hydration of hair and reduces frizz.

Choose between two air and temperature combinations to personalise drying and styling, with a blast of cool air to fix the style in place. 

Effortless and quick drying and styling with 1000 W of power.

Take your styling tool everywhere with you, even when travelling, with the convenient beauty bag provided and have fun experimenting with new looks wherever you are.

The intense shades of the Cyber Glam line also feature on the premium box that can be used as a original storage case. Lovely to look at and an excellent gift!


Define your style with 5 accessories

Define your style with 5 accessories

- Volume&Straight for a straight, soft and voluminous look - Extra Wavy for a straight or soft wave look with styled ends - Curly for tight and defined curls - Smooth&Delicate to untangle and train hair - Dry to remove excess water before styling.

Always with you when you travel

Always with you when you travel

Handy bag with drawstring fastening, perfect for storing the air brush, along with its accessories, and keeping it clean and protected. It can also be used when travelling.

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Bellissima signs its beauty tools with distinctive features and design elements with an elegant & glamorous Italian style. Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine comfortable and unique.

De-tangle hair completely from the root to the tip.
Pre-dry using the concentrator nozzle.
Choose the most suitable accessory for the style you want to create
Style your hair the way you want.
Use the cool fix setting, to set your style.
To fit the accessory: 1 – Make sure that the locking ring is rotated in the direction of the open padlock symbol. 2 – Fully insert the accessory in the correct section. 3 – Turn the locking ring a few millimetres (not the accessory) in the direction of the closed padlock symbol to fasten the accessory to the base.


Product specification

Product Code


Product specification

Dry&Style 5-in-1 system: with one single tool, dry, volumise and create different looks every day

Exclusive ceramic diamond and keratin coating: the ceramic emits quality heat with anti-frizz and anti-drying effects. The diamond and keratin microparticles infused in the ceramic provide hair with brightness and vitality

Ion technology: hydrates, revitalises and reduces frizz with ions

1000 W of power

Cool air blast to fix the style in place

Two temperature and air flow settings to personalise drying and styling based on the hair type

5 accessories for drying and styling:

- oval volumising brush: to add body and volume to the hair, from root to tip; coated in ceramic diamond and keratin; plastic, round-tipped bristles made from nylon and plastic for maximum control when styling - 32 mm round brush: for straight hair, soft waves and styled ends; coated in ceramic diamond and keratin; the plastic bristles with rounded tips keep hair taut - 19 mm hair curlers: for tight and defined curls, even on long hair; ceramic diamond and keratin coating; holes to ensure even air distribution to sections of hair; flip to keep the section of hair taut and help with styling - detangling brush: prepare hair for styling by controlling it without damaging it soft pad for gentle brushing; metal pins that heat up to regulate sections of hair - 2x6 cm concentrator nozzle: directs the air to remove excess water and dry hair before styling

Beauty bag: handy bag with drawstring fastening to store the styling tool with its accessories, can also be used when travelling

1.8 m long swivel cord to make it easy to move around during use

Premium box to give as a gift or use as a glamorous storage case

Colour: deep violet-vibrant cherry

Documents and warranty

Our products have a 2 year warranty

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