Soft Curls accessory for modular curling wand Twist & Style modular styler GT22 110

Soft Curls accessory for modular curling wand Twist & Style modular styler GT22 110

Create soft, defined curls with the Soft Curls curling wand, coated in ceramic. To be used with the Twist & Style curling wand base.


Soft, defined curls for a smart, trendy and super-feminine look. With the Soft Curls heated curling wand (diameter 25mm), to be used with the curling wand Twist & Style modular styler, you can have the curly look whenever you want, but always taking the greatest care of your hair thanks to the ceramic coating that protects against excess heat and keeps your locks glossy.

It's extremely easy to use this accessory : it heats up quickly then you just attach it to the base with a simple click, press the button, and it's ready. Perfect for very long hair as well.

You can easily style hair sections all over your head, because the handle can be used in two ways : in the vertical position, like a traditional styler, and at a 90° angle, for effortless styling of the back of your hair. And the anti-burn tip ensures absolute safety.

Have fun trying out new looks and discover all the Twist & Style curling wand accessories (sold separately) : Sculpted Curls, Soft Curls, Glamour Waves and Loose Waves.

Soft, defined curls

The shape of the accessory moulds the hair into soft, defined curls, for a sleek, trendy and ultra-feminine look.

Easy, effortless styling

With Twist & Style you can easily style the hair on every part of your head, thanks to the innovative 90° swivel handle. Convenient for perfect, effortless styling, even on the back of your head.

Ceramic coating for protected hair

The ceramic-coated accessory helps protect the hair from the heat, leaving it with a shiny finish.

Ideal for long hair too

The iron is extra long, allowing you to create big, bold waves along the entire length of the hair.


Change your look in a twist!

Discover all the Twist & Style accessories (sold separately) and have fun creating the most glamorous looks of the moment: Soft Curls, Sculpted Curls, Loose Waves, Glamour Waves, Mermaid Waves and Hollywood Waves.

Soft Curls

Sculpted Curls

Glamour Waves

Loose Waves

Mermaid Waves

Hollywood Waves

Product specification
Product Code: 11768
  • Accessory for the Twist & Style modular curling wand
  • Curling wand diameter 25mm for soft, natural curls
  • Ceramic coating for protected, shiny hair
  • Extra-long wand, ideal for long hair
  • Temperature : 185°C
  • Anti-burn tip
  • Surface protection support system
  • Colour : black
  • Article belonging to the My Pro line
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Step 1
Step 1
Insert the Soft Curls accessory onto the base: you'll hear a click when it attaches. Turn on the styler and wait for the accessory to heat up before beginning to style hair.
Step 2
Step 2
Hold the tool with the tip pointing downwards, wrap the section of hair around the heated part and wait a few seconds.
Step 3
Step 3
Remember that all it takes is a twist to rotate your styler: from vertical to 90°, for more comfortable styling. To style your hair more easily, when you turn the styler 90°, we recommend that you hold it with your right hand if you are styling the left side of the hair and with your left hand if you are styling the right side of the hair.

Suitable for
Hair type
Normal , Fine, Thick, Straigh, Wavy, Curly, Colored
Hair length
Medium, Long, Very long

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