Professional steam straightener with ceramic and keratin coating Steam Elixir Deluxe

Professional steam straightener with ceramic and keratin coating Steam Elixir Deluxe

Smooth and soft waves every day. Protected hair, with no damage, thanks to exclusive steam technology and ceramic and keratin coating.


Do you want a straightener that is effective and gentle to hair, even when it's frizzy and unmanageable ?

The answer is the Steam Elixir Deluxe, the new edition of the Steam Elixir steam straightener range with ceramic and keratin coating and four essential and elegant accessories.
The revolutionary Steam Elixir Deluxe professional steam straightener keeps hair hydrated and protected when styling perfectly straight hair or soft waves in just one stroke with no damage*.

A real “steam elixir” for perfectly straight, soft and shiny hair. Thanks to the exclusive Steam Active Care™ technology, with each stroke, the straightener releases the right quantity of steam onto the lock, helping to preserve the correct level of moisture in the hair and to protect it from temperature surges when the plates are passed through it, all without breaking the hair fibre, for smooth or wavy hair protected from damage.In addition, the steam relaxes the hair fibres for an ultra-glossy effect and keeps the hair evenly hydrated, unable to absorb humidity and therefore swell and frizz for perfect, long-lasting results.

The special ceramic and keratin coating on the plates promotes heat protection, ensures the tool slides through hair seamlessly and gives it instant shine and vitality . The perfect straightener for all hair types: fine and thin, curly and thick. Choose the most suitable temperature between the 4 available to create your style: fine and thin 170°C, medium 185°C, thick and difficult to straighten 200 – 230°C. Thanks to the special rounded design you can create soft waves in a single stroke, even on hair that is harder to manage.

Four useful accessories are included in the packaging:
- an elegant luxury bag for storing the straightener and taking them everywhere with you
- the innovative silicone mat that also acts as a protective cover to use and store the straightener safely;
- the soft Bellissima cloth to clean the heated plates (when cold) by removing any cosmetic product residues to make sure hair can slide through and maintain efficiency;
- the Bellissima-branded elastic b cable clip to keep the cable tidy and prevent it from being damaged.

Perfectly smooth hair or soft waves with no damage*

The design of this straightener makes it perfect for creating a perfectly smooth or soft wave look with no damage, even on hair that is more difficult to straighten.It's easy to work sections of hair, starting from the root, to create the style you want and say goodbye to puff and frizz.

The benefits of Steam Active Care technology

  • Straight, protected hair with no damage: the steam action protects hair when the hot plates pass through it, preventing thermal shock and breakage of the hair fibre.
  • Soft, glossy straight hair: the steam irons out the hair fibres and preserves the correct level of moisture in the hair.
  • A long-lasting, impeccably straight look: thanks to the steam, hair is evenly hydrated, does not absorb humidity and therefore does not frizz.
  • Plates coated in ceramic and keratin

    Exclusive ceramic and keratin coating: provides protection from heat, ensures the tool slides through hair seamlessly, and adds instant shine and vitality with each stroke.

    Luxury beauty bag

    An elegant, sturdy bag that is nice to look at and easy to store in your luggage.

    Design & accessories

    Bellissima's beauty tools boast distinctive features and design elements, with elegant, glamorous Italian style. Exclusive accessories and details that make your beauty routine more convenient and unique.


    Soft cloth ideal for cleaning the surface of cold plates.


    Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip to keep the cable tidy.

    Product specification
    Product Code: 11916
    • Steam Active Care™ technology for perfectly smooth or soft waves in a single stroke with no damage*
      *Clinical instrumental tests carried out in collaboration with the Bio Basic Europe research institute.
      In 95% of the cases treated, hair was free from damage, remaining the same or improving (tests carried out at 200°C).
    • Ceramic and keratin coating: provides protection from heat, ensures the tool slides through hair seamlessly, and adds shine
    • Spacious water tank: only needs to be filled up once to create a smooth or wavy style
    • Temperature adjustment over four levels with LED screen:
      • 170°C for fine and thin hair
      • 185°C for medium hair
      • 200°C and 230°C for thick and particularly difficult to straighten hair
    • Thermo Control technology: maintains constant and uniform heat for an optimal result with each stroke through the entire section of hair, without damaging it
    • Rounded design for creating long-lasting soft waves
    • Long and flexible 28x110 m plates: perfectly adapt to sections of hair by applying optimal pressure to pass through hair easily for quick and perfect straightening
    • Integrated comb to make styling easier; easily removable if not needed
    • Dual use heat resistant mat: handy for protecting surfaces during use and safely storing the tool
    • Luxury beauty bag: elegant storage bag
    • Quick heating system: ready to use in a few minutes with an indicator light
    • Key lock function to prevent the temperature from being accidentally changed during use
    • Water cup to make it easy to fill the tank
    • Bellissima cloth: ideal soft cloth for cleaning the surface of cold plates, ensuring hair can slide along them and that they remain high performing for a long time
    • B cable clip: Bellissima-branded elastic cable clip, to keep the cable tidy
    • Automatic switch-off after 60 minutes
    • Audible alerts to indicate switch-on, when the temperature has been reached, switch-off and automatic switch-off
    • 2.5 m swivel cord to make it easy to move around during use
    • Colour: dark blue and silver

    Read the instruction manual


    Step 1
    Step 1
    Remove the tank from the straightener by sliding it outwards.Use one hand to keep the straightener closed, and the other to slide the water tank towards the back of the tool. If needed, apply light pressure
    Step 2
    Step 2
    Open the cap on the back and use the cup to fill with water
    Step 3
    Step 3
    ACTIVATING THE STEAM Switch on the straightener, and once the selected temperature has been reached, open and close several times until steam is emitted, ensuring that the activation button, which is located inside the lower part of the tool, is pressed all the way down. Once the steam has been emitted for the first time, use the straightener on the hair; do not emit the steam into the air. When the steam straightener is turned on and is not used for several minutes, it is advisable to open and close the plates several times to reactivate the steam before using again
    Step 4
    Step 4
    Close the plate on the section of hair at the root; the steam will be activated, and the perfect amount will be released, enveloping the hair during straightening right to the tip. To release steam, open and close the plate on the next section of hair
    Step 5
    Step 5
    For perfect smoothness, slowly slide the plate from root to end with the integrated comb facing downwards
    Step 6
    Step 6
    For a wavy effect, remove the comb, hold the straightener in a slanted position, turn 180° and slowly slide down to the ends

    Suitable for
    Hair type
    Normal , Fine, Thick, Straigh, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy, Damaged
    Hair length
    Medium, Long, Very long

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