Want curly hair with zero frizz?

Drying naturally curly hair can be challenging: curls that lose definition or become frizzy; air that is too warm or too strong, and so stresses the curl. Now there's a hair dryer designed especially for curly hair: Bellissima Diffon.

Because diffon is the ideal ally for curly hair

The only diffuser with built-in hair dryer

The depth of the diffuser and the unique placement of its 12 teeth hold the curls still, keeping them shaped and tidy. The result? Elastic, defined curls!

Gentle, curl-friendly drying

Its 700W power ensures a very gentle air jet - the secret to not ruining your curls but respecting their natural shape while delicately styling them. The perforated grille evenly distributes the warm air and the hair is dried gently, so the curl remains more defined and frizz-free.

Dry your curls without tiring yourself out

The grip is comfortable, for drying the hair both at the back and with your head down, without tiring yourself out. It is also light and practical, and there is no risk that the diffuser will become detached. So compact that you can carry it with you and create perfect curls wherever you may be!

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