Base for Twist & Style modular curling wand GT22 100

Base for Twist & Style modular curling wand GT22 100

Base for creating your own Twist & Style modular curling wand : add the accessories for easy waves and curls.


Here's the base of the Twist & Style modular curling wand, letting you change your look whenever you want : soft or sculpted curls, natural or defined waves.

You can combine 4 different accessories (sold separately) with the handle, to create the latest glamorous looks : Sculpted Curls, Soft Curls, Glamour Waves and Loose Waves.

The accessory is attached to the base with a simple click, and is just as easy to remove by pressing the button on the side. It also has an anti-burn and anti-slip glove that protects your hand from the heat and lets you get a good grip.

You can easily reach all over your head, as the styler can be used vertically or at 90° : this means you can shape your hair perfectly even on the back of your head, with no effort.

The base automatically adapts the temperature to suit the accessory being used, protecting your hair and ensuring the best styling every time.

It's easy and fun to change style : all it takes is a twist!

Easy, effortless styling

With Twist & Style you can easily style the hair on every part of your head, thanks to the innovative 90° swivel handle. Convenient for perfect, effortless styling, even on the back of your head.

The temperature regulates itself in accordance with the accessory used

The Twist & Style base is equipped with an exclusive technology that adapts the temperature automatically based on the accessory chosen, to get the best style each time whilst respecting your hair.

Easy attachment system

Attach the accessories to the handle with ease in just a click.

Change your look in a twist!

Discover all the Twist & Style accessories (sold separately) and have fun creating the most glamorous looks of the moment: Soft Curls, Sculpted Curls, Loose Waves, Glamour Waves, Mermaid Waves and Hollywood Waves.

Soft Curls

Sculpted Curls

Glamour Waves

Loose Waves

Mermaid Waves

Hollywood Waves

Product specification
Product Code: 11749
  • Base for the Twist & Style modular curling wand
  • Can be orientated at 90° to easily reach every part of your head
  • Automatic temperature adjustment to suit the accessory, for optimum styling
  • Easy accessory coupling system
  • Quick Heating system : fast warm-up
  • Anti-burn and anti-slip glove
  • Operating LED
  • On/off switch
  • Hanger loop
  • Rotating cable : 1.8m
  • Colour : black
  • Accessories sold separately
  • Article belonging to the My Pro line
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Step 1
Step 1
Choose the accessory and attach it to the base. Turn on the styler and wait for the accessory to heat up before beginning to style hair.
Step 2
Step 2
Hold the tool with the tip pointing downwards, wrap the section of hair around the heated part and wait a few seconds.
Step 3
Step 3
Remember that all it takes is a twist to rotate your styler: from vertical to 90°, for more comfortable styling. To style your hair more easily, when you turn the styler 90°, we recommend that you hold it with your right hand if you are styling the left side of the hair and with your left hand if you are styling the right side of the hair.


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Read the instruction manual