Air Wonder 8 in 1 hot air brush with ions, ceramic and keratin

Air Wonder 8 in 1 hot air brush with ions, ceramic and keratin

Dries, volumises hair and creates different styles in a single move. Air Wonder is the 8 in 1 hot air brush that you can use every day.


Just one simple move to dry hair, add volume and create a range of different styles. With the Air Wonder hot air brush, featuring ionic technology and bristles coated with ceramic and keratin, you can change your look with ease whenever you like, thanks to the 8 accessories included. Volumised, straight, wavy, tight ringlets or natural curls: you decide!

Thanks to Air Wonder, it is really easy to experiment with different styles without damaging your hair. The ceramic and keratin coating protects the hair and the ions help to maintain hydration, minimising the frizz effect.

No need to use a hairdryer first; After patting hair dry with a towel, remove excess water using the Air Wonder with the Dry concentrator nozzle which directs the flow of air, for efficient drying. Next, use the Smooth&Delicate hot air brush to gently detangle the hair: now you're ready to create your favourite looks for every occasion.

Soft, straight and volumised with the oval Volume&Straight brush, which gives volume and body to hair from root to tip. Thanks to the ceramic and keratin coating, it helps to close the hair cuticle, leaving hair super shiny.

Straight or soft waves with styled ends: simply use the Extra Wavy accessory, a round 32 mm brush which is also coated in ceramic and keratin. You can create a soft, wavy style or a tamed, straight look, with no frizz.

The 50 mm Straight&Wavy round brush is ideal for long hair: it leaves hair with smooth, soft waves whilst protecting your locks thanks to the ceramic and keratin coating. Introducing Curly, the 19 mm curling wand coated in ceramic and keratin, for creating defined tight ringlets with ease. Meanwhile, if you have natural curls, use the Natural Curls accessory to dry them and enhance their beauty and elasticity.

Finally, you can place everything into the handy beauty bag, which helps you keep your styler and 8 accessories in order - ideal for taking with you on your travels.

One simple technique for many different styles

The Air Wonder hot air brush is extremely easy to use. Create your own personal style while you dry your hair: straight, wavy, curly or anything else that takes your fancy!

Ceramic, keratin and ions, your hair's best friends

The ceramic and keratin coating on the accessories protects the hair from heat, while the ion technology traps in moisture. As a result, hair is left visibly shiny, silky and full of life.

Always with you, even when you're on the go

Choose a different look for each occasion, even when you're on the go, for work or on holiday. With the handy beauty bag, you'll have everything you need for easy styling with perfect results.

Custom styling with 2 temperature options and cold air blast

You can choose from 2 different temperature and air combinations to customise drying and styling. Fix your style with a blast of cold air, for an impeccable result.

Product specification
Product Code: 11847
  • Dry & Style system: the hot air simultaneously dries and styles hair whilst protecting
  • Ceramic and keratin coating: helps to protect hair and gives instant vitality, for silky, shiny, bouncy hair
  • Ioniser: releases ions to hydrate and revitalise hair and reduce frizz
  • 2 air flow/ temperature combinations: for personalised drying and styling
  • Cool air setting: to set your style
  • 8 accessories for drying and styling:
  • 1 - 2x6 cm concentrator nozzle: for pre-drying hair before styling;
  • 2 - detangling brush: to get hair ready for styling; detangling and taming without damaging the hair;
  • 3 - oval volumising brush: to add body and volume to the hair, from root to tip; with ceramic and keratin coating; the nylon and plastic bristles ensure maximum control of the lock and help to close the cuticle for extra glossy hair;
  • 4 - 50 mm round brush: for smooth, soft waves, ideal for long hair; with ceramic and keratin coating; the nylon and plastic bristles ensure maximum control of the lock and help to close the cuticle for extra glossy hair;
  • 5 - 32 mm round brush: for straight hair, soft waves and styled ends with ceramic and keratin coating; the plastic, round-tipped bristles keep the lock of hair taut;
  • 6 - 19 mm curling tongs: for tight, defined curls; with ceramic and keratin coating; flip to keep the lock of hair taut and facilitate styling; the straightener is the perfect length for longer hair;
  • 7 - diffuser for curly hair: dries natural curls evenly and enhances their beauty and elasticity
  • Beauty bag: to store your styler and accessories and take them with you at all times
  • 1000 Watt
  • Swivel cable
  • Color satin white - glam gold
  • Article belonging to the My pro line
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Step 1
Step 1
Untangle hair from the roots using the detangling brush.
Step 2
Step 2
Pre-dry using the concentrator nozzle.
Step 3
Step 3
Choose the most suitable accessory for the style you want to create.
Step 4
Step 4
Style your hair the way you want.
Step 5
Step 5
Use the cool fix setting to set your style.
Step 6
Step 6
To fit the accessory, position it so that the two arrows are in line with each other and then rotate the locking ring in the direction of the closed padlock symbol to secure.

Suitable for
Hair type
Normal , Fine, Thick, Straigh, Wavy, Curly
Hair length
Medium, Long

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Read the instruction manual