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Acceptance of Terms of Use

The use of this Website by the user (“User”) is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use. By accessing or using the Website, the User fully accepts the Terms of Use.


Activities of the Website

The Website displays, publishes, promotes and distributes TENACTA Products (“Products”) under the registered trademarks “Imetec”, “Bellissima”, “Ducati by Imetec” and other registered and non-registered TENACTA brand names.  The Website features various functionalities to inform Users about the Products and services offered on the Website and to facilitate the placement of orders.

For example, it is possible:

  • To register with the Website by opening a personal account that allows access to a private area;
  • To sign up for the mailing list in order to receive newsletters about the Website's initiatives;
  • To participate in various promotional initiatives.

Users are required to provide truthful and accurate personal data and to update as necessary the personal data supplied during the registration process, and to read the Privacy disclaimer and Cookies disclosure regarding the processing of personal data and the rights granted to data subjects under the applicable laws and regulations for the protection of privacy.


Copyrights and other intellectual property rights

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The Website content is intended solely for Users and Customers. No material shall be downloaded, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, sold, licensed, used, reused or exploited commercially or otherwise without the written consent of TENACTA.

In case of a breach of copyright, or of any intellectual property right, including rights held by third parties, TENACTA will pursue all civil and criminal remedies available under the applicable law.



TENACTA reserves the right to eliminate, modify or update the Website and the content thereof at any time, without prior warning.

TENACTA assumes no responsibility for any content included in third-party websites that may be connected with the Website by a link or hyperlink, regardless of whether the link in question is provided by the Website or by a third party in accordance with the Terms of Use.

TENACTA assumes no responsibility for any interruptions or omissions in the Internet, network or hosting services related to access to the Website and does not guarantee that the Website, or the services underlying the availability or transmission of the electronic communications are free from viruses or other harmful elements.

TENACTA is not responsible for any illegal use of the corporate website or any violation of the third-party rights by Users or by third parties.

TENACTA assumes no responsibility for direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, special, incidental or other damages resulting from, caused by or related to the access to or use of the Website and the related content.


User's obligations

Users are permitted to the Website and its content solely for personal, non-profit purposes, in accordance with the Terms of Use, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The User hereby acknowledges the foregoing and agrees to refrain from:

  • Registering as a Customer with deliberately false or incomplete information;
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Finally, the User to indemnify and hold harmless TENACTA or another associated company from and against any third-party legal actions, claims or complaints and the related damages and fees, including legal fees, arising from or connected with any irregular and/or unlawful use of the Website and/or its content.


Protection of privacy

For more information about how the Website and TENACTA collect and process personal data and about the rights available to protect the privacy of data subjects, please see the Privacy disclaimer.


Modifications to the Terms of Use

TENACTA reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use without prior notice. Any such modifications will be effective immediately when first published on the Website and will remain in effect pending further modifications.


Applicable legislation

The relations between TENACTA and the User shall be governed exclusively by Italian law.