Soft or sculpted curls and natural waves kit

Special kit

  • Base for My Pro Twist & Style modular styler

  • Soft Curls accessory, 25 mm heated curling tool for soft, defined curls

  • Sculpted Curls accessory, 11 mm heated curling tool for tight, sculpted curls

  • Loose Waves accessory, elliptical heated styling tool with diameter from 26 to 38 mm, for loose, soft wav

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Can't decide between waves and curls, and want to change your style every day?
With the "Soft or sculpted curls and loose waves kit" of the Bellissima My Pro Twist & Style modular styler, you can change look every day with a simple twist. It features a single base and lots of accessories, to create the style of your dreams.
If you want a smart, trendy and super feminine look, choose the Soft Curls accessory for soft, defined curls; meanwhile, if you prefer tight, sculpted curls, or want to add definition to your natural curls, use the Sculpted Curls accessory.
Instead, if you want loose, soft, natural waves, for a chic and elegant look, choose the Loose Waves accessory with its innovative elliptical shape.
Twist & Style is extremely easy and convenient to use: the accessory connects with the base with a simple click, and features a swivel handle, so you can reach every part of your head with ease.  You can use Twist & Style in two ways: in the vertical position, like a traditional styler, and at a 90° angle, for effortless styling of the back of your hair.
One style not enough? Discover all the Twist & Style accessories and have fun creating the most glamorous looks of the moment: Sculpted Curls, Soft Curls, Glamour Waves and Loose Waves.
Change your look with a twist! 

Features & functions


Kit composed of base for My Pro Twist & Style modular styler + Soft Curls accessory + Sculpted Curls accessory + Loose Waves accessory + Anti-burn and anti-slip glove