Face Cleansing Pure&Light

Purified, smooth and radiant skin in one minute. The innovative device for facial cleansing will make the daily beauty ritual a daily pleasure

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Bellissima Face Cleansing Pure&Light is the innovative face cleansing device which gives your skin a vital and radiant appearance, every day, in just one minute.

Its advanced technology removes traces of makeup and impurities, cleansing the skin and clearing up the pores, thereby improving the action of cosmetic products applied afterwards. Bellissima Face Cleansing Pure&Light is fitted with the exclusive Sonic Vibration Technology, the sonic facial cleansing system with 6600 vibrations per minute for a biostimulant effect. Make your beauty routine a daily pleasure: Bellissima Face Cleansing Pure&Light helps minimise roughness and blemishes on the skin, for more vital, smoother and radiant skin.

4 different precision heads to satisfy every need and boost your daily, manual cleansing and exfoliation rituals. Effective results with extremely gentle action and fully suitable for even the most delicate skin. The Cleansing head: perfect for every day use, it eliminates traces of makeup and impurities, cleaning out the pores and giving you a smooth and radiant complexion.

The Silk Effect Deep Cleansing Head: featuring thousands of very soft micro-bristles that clear up the pores and help stimulate cell renewal. A truly magical touch, also perfect for delicate skin. The Activation Head: through sonic vibration, its soft latex surface provides your skin with a pleasant massage and comfortably helps the absorption of creams and cosmetic treatments.

The Revitalising Massage Head: your daily pampering. The contact points made of soft silicone activate a dual effect massage: biostimulant, to improve skin micro-circulation, brightness and firmness of the skin; but it is also relaxing, to smooth the signs of fatigue and fine lines.

The special shape of the heads and its advanced technology make Face Cleansing Pure&Light ideal for all skin types, for both women and men. A compact, practical and water-proof tool, which can even be used under the shower and is ideal to be carried in your bag or when you travel.

Features & functions


  • Sonic Vibration Technology: sonic cleaning system with constant vibration with 4 specific precision heads, which helps minimise irregularities and skin imperfections, for more vibrant, smooth and bright skin

  • Cleansing: removes make-up residue and impurities and thoroughly cleanses the skin giving a bright look

  • "Silk effect" deep cleansing: with thousands of ultra-soft micro-bristles, it releases the pores in-depth and helps stimulate cell renewal, thereby minimising skin imperfections

  • Activation: head with a soft latex surface for maximum comfort. Sonic vibrations create a pleasant massage on the skin, enhancing the absorption of cosmetics

  • Revitalising massage: the contact points made of silicone activate a biostimulating and relaxing massage

  • Supporting base: practical and smart

  • Travelling Beauty Bag

  • 2 levels of vibration for all skin types

  • 1xAA battery operation included