GH19 1100

My Pro Miracle Wave modelling air brush

The innovative air styler that creates soft, natural waves, with a gentle heat that respects the hair. Automatic rotation.

Discover how it works with the video tutorial.

Scopri come funziona con il video tutorial.

for my hair
Ideal for straight and wavy medium-long hair, with medium-thick texture.

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With the Bellissima My-Pro Miracle Wave, you can create your style with natural looking waves in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Who hasn't dreamed of having the natural, light waves that are so fashionable at the moment? Wavy hair makes you feel trendy, but it's not always easy to achieve on your own at home. With the Bellissima My Pro Miracle Wave air styler, now you can!

Forget the inconvenience of using a brush and a hair dryer together to create your style! Thanks to the adjustable flow of hot air and the automatic rotation of the soft bristles, Miracle Wave defines every single lock, completing the drying process and respecting the hair, without excessive heat.

The special shape of the soft bristles and the dual rotation direction enable the hair to be styled both inwards and outwards.
The air flow can be adjusted to 2 temperature levels for custom styling, without excessive heat.
The ceramic coating also helps to protect the hair because it distributes the heat evenly, as well as reducing annoying frizz.
Pre-dry with a hair dryer or towel to remove excess moisture. You can also use Miracle Wave on dry hair, for a daily touch-up.
For optimal results, it is advisable to go over the same section of hair 2-3 times until it is completely dry, shaping it from the root to the tips, accompanying the rotating movement of the styler from top to bottom.
Discover the pleasure of trendy natural, soft waves and change your look whenever you want!

My style secrets

Advice for use

1. Pre-dry with a hair dryer or towel to remove excess moisture. You can also use the Miracle Wave styler on dry hair. asciutti.

2. Take a medium-sized section of hair, and holding it at an angle, start working from the root.

3. Press the rotation button in the desired direction and, as the lock wraps around the styler in a spiral, smooth down to the tip.

4. Repeat the procedure on each section of hair at least 2-3 times. Once the procedure is complete, leave the sections of hair to cool, and then run through with your fingers for a natural look. Once you have finished styling, you can use a fixing spray to hold the hair in place. 

Features & functions


Create soft, natural waves: The adjustable flow of hot air and the automatic rotation of the soft bristles creates waves on every single lock of hair.

2 air flow/temperature combinations for customised styling:
the air flow can be adjusted on two levels, to style and respect all hair types. Level I is the most delicate, and is recommended for thinner hair.

Automatic rotation:
the style is created by the soft bristles that rotate automatically, keeping the movement constant.

Dual rotation direction to style hair inwards or outwards:
easily selectable using the two arrows on the handle, the dual rotation function enables you to choose how to style your hair, for a personalised look.

Ceramic coating to protect the hair:
helps to distribute the heat evenly, for shiny, protected hair.

Beauty bag:
a handy bag for storing your styler and carrying it with you at all times.

1100 W

Swivel cable: 1.8 m