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My Pro Steam professional steam hair straightener

Perfectly straight and shiny hair. Long-lasting anti-puff and anti-frizz effect, humidity-proof thanks to the action of steam. Flawless results thanks to the professional steam hair straightener

for my hair
For all types of hair. Ideal for curly, frizzy or dry hair

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Bellissima My Pro Steam is the exclusive professional steam hair straightenerwhich guarantees long-lasting, perfectly straight, shiny hair, even on curly, frizzy or dry hair that is difficult to manage.

The technology of this hair straightener uses the benefits of steam to preserve the right hydration of the hair for an anti-puff and anti-frizz effect in one easy stroke.

Every time the straightener is closed on the lock of hair, steam is released which helps the capillary fibres stretch and reduces thermal shock, your hair does not puff up, get ruffled or frizzy due to its long-lasting effect.
Therefore, it is important and necessary to open and close the plates with each different section of hair to be treated, so as to ensure the correct amount of steam is emitted with each stroke.
Furthermore, the ceramic coating favours protection against the heat and ensures gliding optimally over the hair. The oscillating plates adapt to the lock of hair and the rounded profile helps define the wavy style.

With 3 temperature levels between 170°C and 230°C, it is suitable for all hair types.

Ideal for curly, frizzy or dry hair.

My style secrets

Advice for use

1.To achieve maximum results, dry and untangle your hair perfectly before styling it

2. For poker straight hair, guide a fine-toothed comb through the hair just before the straightener. Work from the root to the ends

3. For wavy hair, hold the straightener obliquely, turn it by 180° and slowly slide it all the way to the ends

4. For voluminous waves, wrap each curl obtained with the straightener around your fingers, up to the root, and secure it with hairpins. Apply hair setting spray, let it rest for a few minutes and remove the hairpins

Features & functions


Technology with steam: moisture-proof, long-lasting straight hair: the steam’s action preserves the right hydration of the hair so it is unable to absorb moisture and therefore puff up, get ruffled and frizzy. More beautifully straight hair: the steam’s action relaxes the hair fibre for an ultra-shiny effect. Straight hair every day: the steam’s action protects the hair from the plates, preventing thermal shock

Ceramic coating: helps protect against the heat and ensures perfect gliding movement, leaving your hair shiny

Temperature control: electronic temperature control with 3 temperature levels 170°C - 200°C - 230°C

Steam autonomy: simply fill the detachable reservoir with tap water once for up to 100 strokes, which is enough for 2 complete hair styles

Quick heating system: ready for use in moments.

Automatic shutdown: after 60 minutes

Oscillating plates: the 28x110 mm oscillating plates adapt perfectly to the lock of hair to maximise the straightening effect in one easy stroke

Revolving power cord: 1.8 m