B28 200

My Pro Steam Argan Oil professional steam hair straightener

Perfectly, glossy straightening. Anti-swell and anti-frizz effect, thanks to the action of the steam. Soft, glossy hair thanks to the ceramic-coated plates with Argan oil.

for my hair
For all hair types. Ideal for curly, frizzy or dry hair

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Argan oil kit for soft, shiny hair

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The perfect haircare gift

  • Bellissima My Pro Steam Argan Oil professional steam straightener for all hair types. Ideal for curly, frizzy, or dry hair.
  • Bellissima My Pro Ceramic Argan Oil professional hairdryer for all hair types. Ideal for fragile, frizzy, dull hair.

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The Bellissima My Pro Steam Ceramic & Argan Oil is the exclusive professional steam hair straightener with ceramic technology and Argan oil, which gives you perfectly glossy, straight hair that lasts and lasts, even on curly, frizzy or dry hair and hair that is difficult to tame.

The steam keeps hair hydrated for a smooth anti-swell and anti-frizz effect in a single stroke.

The coating of the ceramic plates is infused with Argan oil, and ensures that heat is distributed evenly, respecting the hair and giving it shine and softness, making it more beautiful every day.

The straightener has a removable tank where the water is inserted (tap water is fine!) which lasts for up to 100 strokes: to distribute the steam along the section of hair, the right pressure must be applied with each stroke, ensuring that the activation button, located inside under the Steam Technology label, is pressed all the way down.*

The steam, which is not always visible to the naked eye depending on environmental conditions (e.g. ambient temperature and humidity), is emitted from the holes in the upper heated plate, and envelops the section of hair as the straightener is smoothed along the length.

Every time the straighteners are closed, the perfect quantity of steam is emitted onto the section of hair to smooth it perfectly, encouraging the distension of the hair fibres and reducing the thermal shock.

The oscillating plates of the straightener adapt perfectly to the section of hair, to maximise the effectiveness of the straightening action in a single stroke.

Prefer the wavy look? Thanks to its special rounded design, the straightener can also be used to create easy waves.

With 3 temperature levels of between 170 and 230 °C, Bellissima My-Pro Steam B28 200 is suitable for all hair types.

Use the Bellissima My Pro Steam straightener with ceramic technology and Argan oil for a long-lasting smooth effect and enjoy glossy, silky hair day after day! 

*If the activation button is not pressed all the way down, the steam production function is not activated; in this instance, the product continues to function as a normal straightener for smooth or wavy hair.

My style secrets

Advice for use

1. For best results, dry and de-tangle hair before styling

2. To activate the steam function, close the straightening over the section of hair at the root; the steam will be activated, and the perfect amount will be released, enveloping the hair during straightening right to the tip. To release more steam, open and then re-close the straightener over the next section of hair

3. To ensure optimal steam release, hold the straightener with the water tank facing outwards with the handle

4. For perfect straightening, run a fine-tooth comb through each section of hair before straightening. Work from root to tip

5. For a wavy effect, hold the straightener in an oblique position, turn 180° and slowly smooth through hair, right to the tip

6. For a more voluminous wavy effect, take the waves created using the straightener and wind round your finger right to the root, then fix in place with hair pins. Apply hair spray, leave for a few minutes and then remove the hair pins

Features & functions


Ceramic coating with Argan oil: the "good" heat delivered by the ceramic plates, infused with Argan oil, protects the hair, leaving it shinier with an anti-frizz and anti-dryness effect. The ceramic ensures that the plates glide smoothly through the hair

Steam technology: smooth hair that lasts even in humidity. The steam action ensures that hair maintains the correct level of hydration, so that it is unable to absorb extra moisture and swell, frizz and ruin your style.

Electronic temperature adjustment on 3 levels: 170°C - 200°C - 230°C

Steam tank autonomy: simply fill the removable tank once with tap water for up to 100 strokes, which equates to 2 full styling sessions

Steam activation: once the desired temperature is reached, open and close the plate several times to activate the steam release, ensuring that the activation button, located inside beneath the Steam Technology label, is pressed all the way down. During styling, every time the heated plates are closed, the right amount of steam is released onto the section of hair, for perfect, long-lasting straightening. When the steam straightener is left in stand-by mode, it is advisable to open and close the plates several times to reactivate the steam release mechanism before using again

Quick heating system: ready to use in a few minutes

Automatic switch-off: after 60 minutes

Oscillating plates: The oscillating plates (which measure 28x110mm) adapt perfectly to the section of hair, to maximise the effectiveness of the straightening action in a single stroke

Swivel cable: 1.8 m