Hair straightener Anniversary BA3 700

The style you desire in one easy stroke. The professional straightener for straight or wavy hair with exceptional results.

Anniversary Creativity Style Creator BA3 700 by Imetec is the professional straightener that makes your dreams come true: as from today your hair will be styled as you wish in one easy stroke.

The innovative Special Round Design, distinguished by rounded and heated plates and Soft Covers Curls, allows all possible styles to be created: defined curls, soft waves, perfectly straight.

The Gloss & Shine Ceramic Coating distributes the heat regularly and evenly to guarantee perfect hair smoothness.

And not only: the Active Plates technology allows the plates to automatically adapt to the size of the lock of hair with a perfectly defined result in one easy stroke.

The Quick Heating System heats the straightener in a few seconds, making it immediately ready for use.

The Thermo Control allows the temperature to be set between 150°C and 230°C, by selecting the most suitable according to the type of hair for a superb style.

With Bellissima Anniversary Creativity Style Creator just one moment is needed to protect and add sheen to your hair.

Anniversary is a line that celebrates the first 10 years of Bellissima: ideas, creativity and innovation to achieve the desires of all women.

  • Total Round Heating System: rounded and heated external plates for more effective wavy styling
  • Soft Curl Covers: to create different styles
  • Gloss & Shine Ceramic Coating: for uniform heat distribution and perfect glide
  • Maximum protection for hair with shine and sheen
  • Thermo Control: electronic temperature control between 150°C and 230°C
  • Quick Heating System: ready for use in a few seconds
  • Active Plates Technology: the plates automatically adapt to the lock of hair for a perfectly defined look in one easy stroke
  • Extra long plates
  • LED Display
  • Plate closing system
  • Automatic multi-voltage 100-240V

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