BHD1 1000

Hair dryer Revolution

Dries the root quickly and keeps the tips hydrated for more beautiful, soft and protected hair. Impeccable performance with reduced consumption

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Bellissima Revolution BHD1 is the hair dryer that rapidly and gently acts on your hair with extraordinary results.

Thanks to the Automatic Rotating Drying, the innovative nozzle with spiral air flow movement dries the root completely and maintains the ends hydrated.

The Deep Drying Action system allows the heat to gently penetrate the root with uniform air distribution for quicker drying and softer hair.

High performance and low consumption go hand in hand: lab tests confirm that the exclusive Eco Efficiency system guarantees 2000W performance and 1400W* consumption.

Ion Technology guarantees the natural moisture of the hair while drying: the emission of ions reduces the electrostatic effect and eliminates frizz and results in soft, shiny and protected hair.

The hair dryer is fitted with a narrow nozzle and easily but fully adjusts the jet of air, which is fundamental when setting your hair.

Other features include the 8 different air flow/temperature combinations and the cold air shot.


* Laboratory tests of the drying rate confirm the energy savings of the BHD1 1000 hair dryer compared to a traditional Imetec 2000W hair dryer (mod. K11 2200).

Features & functions


  • Automatic Rotating Drying: the innovative Revolution conveyor with spiral air flow movement. More effective at the root and delicate at the tips

  • Deep Drying Action: allows the heat to gently penetrate the root with uniform air distribution for quicker drying and softer hair

  • Ion Technology: moisturises, revitalises and reduces the electrostatic effect on hair

  • Imetec ECO Technology: 2000W performance with consumption at 1400W (*)

  • Narrow nozzle

  • 8 air flow/temperature combinations

  • Cold air shot to set the hair

  • Removable protection filter