Hair dryer professional BHD2

Dries the root quickly and keeps the tips hydrated. The professional high performance hair dryer that makes your hair shiny, healthy and protected.

Bellissima Revolution BHD2 by IMETEC is the hair dryer that definitely and innovatively changes the professional hair drying process with flawless results.

The technology distinguished by the spiral air flow motion dries the root of the hair rapidly and maintains the ends hydrated.

The Revolution nozzle guarantees rapid and gentle drying. The outer part of the hair is not exposed to the direct jet of hot air. Therefore, the ends remain hydrated and the hair is gently wrapped by the air flow.

Ion Technology enhances the drying process: the emission of ions enhances the hydration effect and eliminates frizz. Result: total protection of your hair, which is now soft, shiny and, above all, healthy.

Bellissima Revolution BHD2 offers the solution for all requirements to achieve excellent professional performance.

The hair dryer is fitted with a professional diffuser that adds tone and volume to wavy and curly hair.

The 2200 W long-life professional AC motor combined with the professional narrow nozzle enhances the air jet output, thereby drying faster and setting the hair perfectly.

  • Automatic Rotatic Drying: the innovative Revolution conveyor with automatic spiral air flow rotation.
  • More effective at the roots and gentle on the tips, Professional 2000W AC Motor: guarantees a long life of the hair dryer and faster drying thanks to the powerful jet of air
  • Deep Drying Action: the heat gently penetrates the root guaranteeing uniform air distribution for quicker drying and softer hair
  • Ion Technology: Hydrates, revitalises and reduces the electrostatic effect of the hair.
  • Professional diffuser: adds volume and tone to wavy and curly hair
  • A narrow professional nozzle to direct the air flow
  • Cold air shot to set the hair
  • 8 air flow/temperature combinations to customise drying according to your needs
  • Removable filter for easier cleaning

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