Face Cleansing Pro spare treatment heads kits

More radiant, smoother and softer skin with a simple gesture

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The kit of 4 Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro replacement heads consists of the innovative heads to care for and cleanse the face from the characteristic triangular shape, ideal for reaching even the most critical points. To be used with Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro, each head acts specifically for brighter, smoother and softer skin, counteracting skin imperfections.

The Normal Head is ideal for normal skin. Reduces impurities and eliminates dead cells, reactivating cell regeneration.

The Sensitive Head is suitable for sensitive skin. Gentle and soft, it is also designed for sensitive skin. Caresses your face gently and makes it bright and eliminates impurities.

The Activation Head is fitted with a latex sponge and is perfect for applying creams and facial treatments. It helps the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, thereby enhancing their absorption.

The Peeling Head, to be used once a week, is fitted with medium-hard bristles, which are not aggressive. Smoothens the skin with an effective scrub that restores tone and softness to the skin.

The benefits of facial cleansing carried out with Face Cleansing Pro heads are visible after only 7 days from first use. Clinical tests show effectiveness 7 times higher than manual cleansing.

Features & functions


  • Sonic Vibration Technology: with constant vibration at high frequency it cleanses, reactivates and exfoliates the skin in depth

  • Normal Head: ideal for normal skin, eliminates impurities and dead cells and reactivates cell regeneration

  • Sensitive Head: designed for sensitive skin, it is soft and smooth, also suitable for sensitive skin. Stokes your face gently, making your skin look fresh and bright

  • Activation Head: fitted with a latex sponge it is ideal for applying creams and moisturising treatments. It helps the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, thereby enhancing their absorption

  • Peeling Head: to be used once a week, thanks to its medium-hard bristles that are never aggressive, it smoothens the skin with a flawless scrub effect that restores tone and softness

  • Sonic Vibration Technology

  • Skin Cleansing Professional System