Face Cleansing Pro

New skin in one minute. The innovative facial cleansing system based on sonic technology with a timer skincare and five ergonomic heads

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Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro is an innovative system with sonic technology that takes care of facial skin, deeply cleansing it and immediately making it radiant and smooth. It also promotes the action of any cosmetic and moisturising products applied subsequently.

The tool, based on the exclusive Sonic Vibration Technology, generates an extremely delicate constant vibration throughout the treatment that deeply cleanses the skin with utmost gentleness, caressing the face and protecting the natural elasticity.

The double vibration intensity can be adjusted and allows you to select the most suitable mode accordingly while fully respecting all types of skin, including the most sensitive. The result is face cleansing that is 7 times more effective than manual cleansing*.

Easy and quick to use, Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro has Skincare Timer that emits a beep to indicate the ideal time required to perfectly cleanse each part of the face: forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and lastly, the neck and neckline.

The exclusive triangular-shaped ergonomic heads, designed to reach the most difficult areas of the face, allow any impurities to be removed even in areas such as the chin and sides of the nose. Different facial cleansing treatments are possible with Bellissima Face Cleansing Pro. The Normal and Sensitive heads are dedicated to cleansing: the former is ideal for normal skin and the latter is perfect for sensitive skin. The interchangeable Activation head, with a soft latex surface gently massages that enhances absorption of the cosmetic products. The Peeling head, to be used once a week, thanks to its medium-hard bristles: exfoliates by eliminating dead cells and stimulates skin renewal. Lastly, the Micro-massage head, fitted with soft micro-fingers, caresses the skin by massaging, which enhances micro-circulation.

* Clinically tested on 20 women with normal skin and sensitive skin; results after the first treatment compared to manual cleansing.

Features & functions


  • Sonic Vibration Technology: the innovative facial cleansing system based on sonic technology with a constant high frequency vibration. Sonic Vibration Technology cleanses the skin in depth but with utmost care, gently stroking the face and protecting its natural elasticity

  • Skincare Timer: emits a beep to indicate the ideal time required to perfectly cleanse each part of the face, starting from the forehead down to the neck, the chin, the cheeks and lastly, the neckline

  • 5 triangular heads: designed specifically to accompany the shape of the face and reach even the most difficult areas. Their design allows you to remove any impurity, even from critical areas such as the chin and the sides of the nose

  • Waterproof IPX7: can also be used in the shower and bath

  • Cordless: 90 minutes of operation for 75 facial cleaning cycles

  • Charging LED

  • Auto shut-off

  • Protective head cover

  • Charger base

  • Travelling Beauty Bag