GT15 200

Curling tong

A curling tong to easily create natural-looking curls that are soft at the root and defined on the ends

for my hair
For all types of hair

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Bellissima GT15 200 is the best curling tong to create ringlets and wavy hair effortlessly.

The conical tong narrows from 25mm to 13mm in diameter, the different measurements of the barrel make it possible to create different types of curls: large curls by wrapping your hair around the large part of the hot cone, tight and defined curls by only using the tip of the curling tong, large curls with defined ends by wrapping your hair from the root over the entire conical tong.

The Ceramic Coating ensures even heat distribution for maximum protection of the hair during styling. The electronic temperature adjustment goes from 150°C to 210°C and makes it possible to choose the most suitable level of heat based on hair type.

The Bellissima GT15 200 curling tong is ready for use in a few seconds thanks to the Quick Heating System. Easy to use, it comes with a 2-finger thermal glove to protect your hand during use.

Suitable for long and short hair, the GT15 200 curling tong is the ideal tool for giving your hair volume and style. Natural-looking wavy hair, soft and glossy as well as tight and defined curls, choose a different look for your hair every day.

Features & functions


  • Diameter from 25mm to 13mm

  • Thermo Control from 150°C to 210°C

  • Quick Heating System

  • Gloss Ceramic Coating

  • 2-finger thermal glove

  • Operating led

  • Cable length 1.8m

Special info


This is me
This is me

For all types of hair.

Pro Features
Pro Features

  • 1. Conical Shape Multiple Curls: diameter from 25mm to 13mm to create different types of curls.
  • 2. Thermo Control: electronic temperature control between 150°C and 210°C.
  • 3. Quick Heating System: ready for use in moments.
  • 4. Gloss Ceramic Coating: ceramic coating for even heat distribution.
  • 5. 2-finger Thermal Glove: to protect your hand against the heat during styling.

Tips for Wow me!
Tips for Wow me!

Follow our suggestions on how to use the Bellissima GT15 200 curling tong and create natural-looking curly hair or wavy hair.

  • 1. Note that the conical tong is used with the tip pointing downwards.
  • 2. To achieve soft curls at the roots with defined ends, wrap the lock of hair along the entire heated part.
  • 3. To achieve large curls, wrap the lock of hair around the base of the conical tong.
  • 4. For tight curls, wrap the lock of hair towards the end of the conical tong.
  • 5. To achieve a natural wave effect, take the lock of hair and wind it on itself, forming a twist. Wrap it around the curling tong starting from the root