Bellissima: a brand dedicated to the beauty of all women

Bellissima Imetec was created 10 years ago and every woman discovered the freedom to take care of her hair at home. The freedom to always be beautiful, like always having a hairdresser at their disposal.

It all began with a straightener: a professional tool entered the life of women, making it better.

Over the next decade, the process of “beauty democratisation” continued its evolution.

Bellissima has developed tools that are more and more technologically advanced in the professional world: effective, safe and with a new design, as is rightfully expected from a great Italian brand.

Bellissima has become a complete world of beauty to continue giving women the freedom to discover and play with their beauty every day at home: not only Hair Care but also Body Care, Skin Care and Nail Care.

Four areas in which Bellissima is already developing more amazing “powered by Imetec” technologies, accompanied by a continuous study of the design so as to achieve not only the beauty of the object but perfection in terms of effectiveness and usability.

To really show to every woman that “You Are Bellissima”.